National development through infrastructure Investments is the key to improving the standard of living by reducing productivity, efficiency, and welfare of its people, And PT Cemindo Gemilang Tbk is proud to be part of that process.

Established in 2011, PT Cemindo Gemilang is committed to delivering completed Cement issues solutions to high-quality products and services. Since its inception and the company has grown at a tremendous speed.

Our passion for growth is in line with the company's vision to become a leading global company in the building materials industry with innovative solutions. Today we operate nine factories across Indonesia with a total clinker production capacity of 6.1 Million tons per year and a cement production capacity of 10,1 million tons per year.

In Vietnam, We operate an integrated plant in Hai Pong with an annual capacity of 3.1 Million tons of clinker and 4,2 million tons of cement and a grinding planted 800.000 tons of annual capacity in Ho Chi Minh City.

This is a unique achievement for us through our extensive distribution and marketing network, the market premium, quality cement under the cement Merah Putih ram to 17 provinces in Indonesia. In Vietnam through our subsidiary, Chinfon Cement Corporation, We market premium quality cement under the Chinfon Cement brand in North, Central and South Vietnam.

Our premium quality cement is well known for its strength, durability, and workability. Our products comply with national and international standards, meeting these standards is our commitment to raise high-quality Indonesian products in the global market. We have exported cementation products to various countries such as Australia, Sri Lanka, China, and Madagascar.

We are the largest Indonesian cement and Clinker exporter, or for two consecutive years in 2019 and 2020. We also provide a range of construction solutions to meet all consumer’s needs. Our subsidiary, PT Motive Mulia provides a wide range of ready mix, concrete, recast, concrete and aggregate products.

We also provide logistic solutions to maintain service and quality, Our factories use state of the art, production machines, operated by professionals to maintain consistency in the premium quality product.

We also ensure the surrounding area of our factory is efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. As part of our sustainability commitment, we operate 3 units of Waste Heat Recovery System, 2 in Bayah and 1 in Hai Phong. This will reduce carbon emissions.

In addition, our plant are equipped with high-speed Overland Belt Conveyors to transport incoming and outgoing materials. This further reduces the carbon emissions produced by conventional truck loading.

The Bayah port facility is an international standard port with the largest loading capacity in southern Indonesia. That can accommodate a bulk vessel draft up to 12 meters and the capacity to carry up to 55,000 DWT.

The dock loading capability of more than 30,000 tons/day in all conditions can speed up loading times and reduce logistics costs. This is in line with the company's mission to provide the highest quality products with the best possible service level competent management, environmentally conscious company, and add the best value for all shareholders.

The company is committed to building a strong foundation with the community around the factory and throughout Indonesia through community-based activities. PT Cemindo Gemilang and its subsidiaries have received many awards, these multiple awards are proved the company's consistency, passion, and commitment to be the best in class.

Our year Experiences told to us be the best and provide the best service to our customers.