PT Cemindo Gemilang is a premium quality cement producer. With the brand Semen Merah Putih and Chinfon Cement from our subsidiary company in Vietnam, we are strongly committed to maintaining the quality of the best cement raw materials produced in our state-of-the-art plants, operated by professional human resources.

In line with our commitment to provide the best products and solution, we have successfully distributed our products to 17 provinces in Indonesia, through our distribution and marketing networks in Sumatera, Kalimantan, Java, Bali, and Lesser Sunda-Islands. While our subsidiary company, Chinfon Cement Corporation has also successfully expanded its business into the markets of North Vietnam, Central Vietnam, and South Vietnam due to their strategic location (Haiphong & Hiep Phuoc).

Alongside our success in Indonesia, our business in Vietnam is growing significantly. Operating two integrated cement plants in north Vietnam (Integrated Cement Plant in Haiphong) and in South Vietnam (Hiep Phuoc Grinding Plant), Chinfon Cement Corporation is showing compelling growth. Altogether, PT Cemindo Gemilang (and Chinfon Cement Corporation) produce 9.5 MTPA Clinker and 13.9 MTPA Cement in Indonesia and Vietnam. We will expand our distribution network to reach more significant areas in Indonesia, Vietnam, and other countries in the region in near future.

Reinforcing more than 3.600 employees, we manufacture quality products. Our high-performing brand has won awards in Indonesia and Vietnam. Our strong commitment and performance are highly appreciated in Indonesia. Semen Merah Putih has won “the Home Preferred Brand Award” in the best Portland category, by reader’s choice of Media Bintang Group Indonesia, for two consecutive years in 2015-2016. In Vietnam, Chinfon Cement Corporation has received major awards such as the Golden Dragon Award for nineteen consecutive years (2001-2021), the Award of Green Brand, and the Green Tech Award for the Company's commitment to sustainable development.