Growing a sustainable business

It is our aim to become a leading company in the cement industry by implementing sustainable development in our entire operation. Being part of the national development, we believe that a safe and healthy environment is inseparable from our business and the communities in our surrounding areas. Our environment-friendly products and services are highly appreciated by our stakeholders.

Sustainable Development Framework

We consider sustainable development as a fundamental part of our business. We reconcile our business conduct with sustainable development practices by:

Protecting The Climate

We promote eco-friendly and conservation of non-renewable natural resources. In addition, we invest in state-of-the-art production process:

  • Minimize emissions of GHG (greenhouse gases)
  • Reduce emissions of dust, SOx, and NOx
  • Improve utilization of available mineral resources
  • Provide solutions to waste generated by other industries and households

Additionally, to improve fuel efficiency in the cement industry, whereby the use of WHRPG (Waste Heat Recovery Power Generation) is required, our Plant in Bayah – Banten Province, West Java already uses WHRP to utilize residual heat of exhaust gases from the cement manufacturing process, which still has enough potential to produce steam for electricity generation. This system reduces electricity consumption from the grid/ captive power plant.